#ovenlife The frozen and chilled food thread, in association with @profk



I liked the ‘any dj’s out there know what I’m talking about, you’ve been in the exact same situations, said the exact same words’


He’s actually got a mid-morning slot on a digital radio station


Oven if there’s other oven-able food. If I’m just having a waffle and buttering it for a snack like a piece of toast, obviously use the toaster


Horrendous but also want to try this (if I’m doing oven stuff, I’ll have chips (may have a waffle from the toaster while it cooks though))



  • Turn it on, bung it in
  • Give it a minute, go for a piss or something then come back and bung everything in
  • Wait for the light like a prefect dickhead

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Thank you for being open to trying it


Pre-heating the oven is pretty Tory



  • Read the instructions like an absolute bellend
  • Just set it to 200 or so for everything, it’s all just mush

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Yes reckon it’s for people who want to pretend they own an Aga (the toriest contraption)


promised land is a fucking tune tbh




I used to just bung it in but now we have a fancy oven which beeps when it’s the right temp and the novelty hasn’t worn off yet.


Really like the mix of your two answers. Waiting for it to preheat but no idea what temperature it’s meant to be at. Lovely work


These bois with mash and carrots and peas and bisto for tea in our house tonight (my humble apologies for phone shadow in that pic)


Also FAO @Tuna here’s me cutting up cheese into very thin strips and placing them intricately over the lattice of a waffle to go in the oven. Step up your waffle game.



We’ve got the same worktop, yo! (Mine has a hole in, which is a shame)


Tonight’s dinner is Pie, chips, peas, gravy and a couple of Yorkshires cause they were in the freezer and idgaf


you’re a bloody deviant and I love it


That is incredible. Up there with the Pyramids of Giza as mankind’s greatest achievement.