#ovenlife The frozen and chilled food thread, in association with @profk



Where’s the peany B?


Ever tried little cuboids in each hole?


I’m still laughing at this.


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I’d only just realised what was going on here - ho ly shitballs


Until I pointed it out to him probably around 8 years ago, my father in law didn’t realise the little light went out when it was up to temperature. Somehow a 50-ish year old man thought the oven was instantly hot when you turn it on.

He was also using the (electric) grill with the door open so that he didn’t get carbon monoxide poisoning or whatever you get from a gas grill.


I do that, stops the oven from getting hot and means youre just grilling rather than also roasting.


You end up with a house stinking (even more) of sausages or whatever though.


no idea what the difference between baking and roasting is

i mean you just chuck it in the oven and heat it up, right?


And what are the downsides?


I agree it is slightly annoying when you’re trying to grill something and it keeps getting to temp and the element cuts out for a few minutes so you are just cooking rather than grilling though.
The grill element should just stay permanently on.


Baking and roasting are the same process but the word you use is different depending on the ingredient I believe. Stuff that changes structurally during cooking (bread, biscuits, etc) is baked; veg, meat etc. are roasted (I think this is the difference, might be chatting shit)


This can’t be right because a baked potato and a roast potato are different.

Let me sleep on it


Same thing mate. They’re just words.


I’ll be following up on this


Don’t you generally roast stuff in fat? Maybe this is the difference?


I was keeping it together up to “It’s piano, or funky house, or my name’s not Mr Piano” and then the tears started.


This thread should see me through my commute, gonna give it a read