Over 40 quid to see Placebo?

Am I so out of touch, that I never realised they were still that big? I thought their careers crumbled after Black Market Music. Do they still sell out the relatively big venues they’re playing?

Yeah, saw them in the Hydro in Glasgow last year. Standing was definitely sold out, not sure if it was overall. Crowd was a good mix of ages as well.

They definitely still have the kind of fanbase that can fill out big theatres and arenas in the UK and they’re still massive in mainland Europe. Not sure I’d pay 40 quid for them, but clearly some people do.

For an established (10 years plus) mainstream touring band are you going to get anyone for less than £40 these days. Not even asking London-centric…

Only £20 to see the Dandy Warhols earlier this year.

Or are they not mainstream?

Fair enough comparison I guess.

Hard to gauge how big they are these days - saw them at The Electric Ballroom last May and then later in the year they returned to play The Roundhouse, which has literally three times the capacity (and sold it out). Don’t know how ticket prices compared between the two…

I saw them a few times at festivals in 2000-2001 and they were a brilliant live band. Their performance at Leeds in torrential rain was particularly good. I was just surprised to see they’re still playing big venues (the Hydro, in particular) and able to charge big money so long after their commercial peak. Fair play to them.

£20 was for that very Roundhouse show!

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my cousin always tells me he’s going to see them at some enormodome. last time i saw them was at the wedgewood rooms in portsmouth for about a tenner.

My mum loves Placebo. Last time I went to visit her she had the 20 Years greatest hits collection on. I thought: “I bet it would be fun to watch Placebo.”

Yes I was at that Leeds show, they were great. They’re always been better live than on record. I had a show tapes from the evening session around then and it was really good.

The arena shows in December were about £35. Loved the Birmingham gig at the NIA, heard so many songs that I never thought they’d play live again (36 Degrees, Lady of the Flowers) or ever (Lazarus) - show definitely wasn’t sold out there though, plenty of empty seats. Might go to Wolves or Brixton this time around.

Placebo are much bigger

The original prompt was for an “established (10 years plus) mainstream touring band”. No question of size!

Mate at work was saying ‘you wanna go see placebo in Plymouth?’ ok how much? ‘40 bar’ fuck that

They were great in Brighton last December, taking the TV to the Portsmouth show as an anniversary present. Scored some brownie points with that one after she said it was too expensive…which it is.