Over the last decade or so ive seen a lot of bands

Russian Circles are one of them. Lots of others, too.

Hi Jordan. I’ve seen lots of bands over the last decade as well but probably not as many as you. I haven’t seen Russian Circles for example.


I have seen Russian Circles twice. However, the only time I really enjoyed them was when they were supporting someone at the Fleece and Firkin in Bristol. Having been somewhat underwhelmed the first time I saw them, I sat outside the venue for the duration of their set and they actually sounded wonderful. Subsequently, I saw them at Arctangent a couple of years ago and once again they were rather dull. It has recently been suggested that I join some acquaintances attending their upcoming Bristol show. I probably won’t.

Have you seen Russian Circles?

  • Yes, I have.
  • No, I have not.

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I’ve seen Russian Circles too!!

They supported These Arms Are Snakes at the Star and garter

I also saw Russian Circles on that same tour, in Islington.

I saw them on the same tour, in Birmingham

and TAAS blew them away.

But who’s THE BEST band?

  • Russian Circles
  • HAIM
  • The Radiohead
  • Jake Bugg

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Thanks for the comment, Vincent.

They did the same when I saw them. I reckon they’d blow anyone away though. I really fucking miss that band!

Russian Circles are playing in Brighton next month. Here’s my chance!

Did you see them @VincentAdultman ?

I did not Jordo.

That’s a real real shame

Yes it is! I’ve only myself to blame.

Fucked it