Over the top Christmas lights on houses


Stop it.


What’s the better edgy opinion here

  • Complete shit for cunts
  • Good fun
  • Getting angry about it is pretty classist, actually

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Nah, they have done a good job on them.


My favourite thing about that street is the next house to the right is also fully lit up. I imagine the people in the in between house do a lot of exasperated sighing at this time of year.




Good shout on the class angle. Could get an easy century out of that one.


Put mine up yesterday, pretty pleased with them.

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Take it to the “tastefully done Christmas lights” thread, sister.


Love over the top decs. There’s one on my cycle home, I’ll try and get a pic tonight.


You bought an extra flat just for your bike!?


There is a house near me that has gone outrageous over the years. They have a switch-on and everything now, sponsors, and they raise cash for charity. I still don’t really get it though.


A house near where I live does this every year:



Saw one the other night which has some sort of projector onto a sheet in the window and it was a film of Father Christmas pissing about delivering gifts. It was pretty incredible.

I like lots of Christmas lights (not on my house). It is fun.


My opposite neighbour used to have bright blue flashing lights going all night! It was horrid if you had to get up to go to the loo or get a drink, you could see it through the window






I managed to turn them all off for a few blissful seconds.



Alright, back to work.