Over the top scenes from films/TV


Preferably short ones or long ones that make their point quickly.

I’ll start with a classic awful one

(Let’s not start in on Nic Cage’s Wicker Man remake too quickly here.)


In many ways this is a great sequence. I mean Lucas fully gives us a great feeling of the classic Frankenstein’s Monster coming to life… and I guess this is also where you remember that James Earl Jones is a proper Shakespearean actor and really gives his NOOOOO some welly. If only there’d been a half-decent director on hand to get him to retake it in the style of Darth Vader rather than Gone With the Wind?



Beautiful! Oldman is a class act for this. I have a feeling you could pretty much paste every scene he did in the Fifth Element too.


pay that myen his myoney

again, so many malkovich scenes


Oh god, that accent. It’s almost as dreadful as that Pacino ‘cockney’ one

And I apologise to thread topic cop @Antpocalypsenow for posting this because it isn’t over the top but Pacino’s accent is so incredible


haha holy shit







Could just post the whole film really


Once seen, it can’t be unseen…



Like an even worse version of this






Always makes me think of that Chinese bootleg version where they translate this as “Do not want”.


Showgirls, swimming pool scene :open_mouth: :laughing:





I never really got this.