Over-zealous use of Out Of Office auto-replies


You know the type

“I am in meetings on Wednesday morning but will be checking emails on the train in the afternoon. If your enquiry is urgent please call the office on XXX”

If I needed to know that you were going to read and address my email within half a day I’d be phoning you up instead you prick.

  • These people deserve to die
  • Smee old bean you’re being quite unreasonable about this

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It’s just busy bragging isn’t it


Deserve to die cos they work in an office and they aren’t me




“Annual leave booked 6-10 November”


hate busy bragging


i don’t want to change the world


I am having an out of office experience

fuck off, mate


Depends on what they do I guess, my old company once used an outside PR agency and our contact person there always had messages like this, but I imagine she had a lot of very demanding clients who needed to be constantly reassured that she was available if something came up.


One of my colleagues in the US sets up these really ‘quirky’ ones. State of this…






Once got an out of office saying they were on leave, emails would be deleted and to resend upon their return if still required. Maverick out of officing, I’m still in awe


I’m sure I’ve mentioned here before but I once emailed a very well-known figure in the publishing industry and was greeted with 2,000 words explaining he never uses emails so phone his PA, but while you’re here, I’d like to share some of the things I’ve been enjoying recently, with reviews of stuff like The Wire.


That can fuck off


colleague was away last month and set his out of office but forgot to change the date, so it said he’d be back on May 26th
we all laughed about it


Yeah context is everything. More and more teachers are seeing these up now and it drives me nuts as if the default assumption if you don’t is that we’re all glued to our school email 24/7. I take enough marking home with me in the evenings without feeling the need to respond to school emails too or apologise if I don’t but there’s a real culture of email at all hours in some schools now which I just don’t think is healthy.


There’s your out-of-office.


Just remembered this guy I work with a lot who has an auto respond on FOR EVERY EMAIL HE RECEIVES saying “your email has been received and will be responded to”. So if you email him 5 times in a day you get this, plus his actual response, for every email. FFS