Over-zealous use of Out Of Office auto-replies

The worst is when you get back then at 9:05 someone email you “your out of office is still on”. FUCK OFF DICKHEAD


It’s slowly driving me insane. Apparently every person who’s ever worked in this team has complained to HR before or as they’ve left.

Just got this delightfully minimal Out of Office reply.


Who knows when they’re coming back?!


I got one of these once (think I mentioned it in this thread? can’t be fucked to check). Quite frankly wish I had the balls to do it myself

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When you pretend to be your lesbian friend’s boyfriend to her religious dad and then he keeps on emailing you to see how you are

I was away for 3 weeks once and did it

I think it’s totally fair enough if you are away for a while (and have a delegate in your OOO they can contact for urgent stuff). 90% of stuff that was super important 2 weeks ago is not important anymore

oh, think I replied to the wrong person

I meant the whole “I’m not going to read your stupid e-mail LOL” style of auto reply

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I don’t do this but also don’t think I’d be annoyed by it either.

I think it depends who/what they do too, some agency partners we have do this if they’re at conferences or in workshops for more than half a day because they know some people do expect short term turnaround.

I always forget to put my out of office on which can similarly probably be quite annoying.

This one is a bit under zealous for me:

“I am currently working on my Easter Holidays from Good Friday 2nd April returning to work on Monday 19th April.”

What does it mean mayte?


my old boss used to encourage us to do this, was pretty good

Can only presume it’s a botched edit update to a previous OoO that used to say ‘I am currently working from home…’. 🤷