Overall, would you say that

you like more people than you dislike, or the other way round?

  • I dislike more people than I like
  • I like more people than I dislike
  • About 50/50

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IRL I like everyone, but on telly and whatnot I hate everyone

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TV and whatnot counts towards this too

Like, internationally speaking, I dislike more. Personally, probably like more than I dislike. People I ‘dislike’ I tend to delete from my consciousness - like I don’t tend to dwell on them, and will just placate them in conversation unless they do something egregious. Not worth my energy innit.

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Too late, voted now, no takesies backsies


Idk, the vast majority of people I meet I’m entirely indifferent towards :man_shrugging:


Can’t not respect this stance.

Feel more indifferent to people than I do like or dislike


I’m yer regular neighbourhood 100% hater machine.

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that’s cos (particularly in the modern world) the kind of person who wants to be on tv averages out to be awful

the internal rhyme scheme of this is magnificent