“I’m a million different people from one day to the next”

If he had sung “I’m several different people” it would be a believable and resonant point, however it’s ruined as nobody can believe Richard Ashcroft is millions of people in one day.


Proclaimers aren’t going to walk 1000 miles to get to a door. If they had to travel that far they would find a more convenient mode of transport. Could always ride a bike if they are really against climate change.

20 miles maximum and that would still have seemed like “wow you walked a really long way!”


idk about this mate, the door is insignificant here.

Could have sung “ten whole miles” would have fits the rhythm of the song and emphasised that ten miles is still a long way to walk

You know I’d walk a thousand miles if i could just see you tonight


Errr thanks?

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i’d walk maybe 5 miles to see you Bam. Maybe 10 at a push but only if you’re buying the beers.

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How can Justin Timberlake have someone cry him a river? There’s not enough tears for a small puddle.


Thanks man I think I’m worth about 3 miles tbh

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“Every little thing she does is magic”

Is it Sting? Taking out the bins? Having a piss? Having some crisps? They’re all magic are they? Piss off.


Whoever it was that absolutely didn’t die in their arms one night

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Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you

that’s ridiculous, Sting.


no one would really believe he was several different people either.

it’s just poetic licence.

i also don’t think it’s really an over-exaggeration, given it’s impossible to be more than one person. it’s more of an outright lie.

oh god, why do i care. i hate myself.

there’s 2 of them, it’s a relay, they’re doing 500 miles each, plus the door is just a side detail - the point is to be the man who walks a thousand miles, which of course neither of them do, because being identical twins they can cheat an no one notices.

So the song is actually about fraudulently obtaining a Duke of Edinburgh Gold award


People shouldn’t exaggerate too much especially in romantic songs, it’s disrespectful to the intelligence of whoever they are trying to woo.


Cutting Crew

it must have been some kind of kiss
he should have walked away

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puff daddy didn’t even correct this.


some of the steps I take, some of the moves I make
most days in the short term at least, every time I pray (this one is feasible)
I’ll be missing you


We should run a songwriting workshop