Overflow Car Parks

I parked in one on Sunday. It was too far from the entrance. Much too far. And had the indignity of walking through the real car park and there were loads of spaces.

Do you have any opinions on overflow car parks?

Sometimes the overflow car park is just a field and that field can be muddy.

That has happened to me before.


so glad Balonz is back.



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The one at the nt place we went to on sat was closed!!! Absolute carnage!!!

yes yes yes.

Oh no, are you ok?

Sounds like he has a bit of a haughty cough

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I can’t think of any specific examples. But I’m sure it’s happened.

Car parks in fields are the best car parks though

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You get to park the car AND visit a field.

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yeah, it’s pretty cool being allowed to drive on grass.


Yeah this was a fucking field.

I was already sweating by the time I reached the glasshouse and then it was fucking hot in there and I had to carry everyone’s coat and it got hotter and hotter!

like driving on a velvet rug

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Were you directed to the overflow car park or were you just too scared to try the regular car park first?

I have an electric handbrake which has ruined them for me.

Can i canvas opinions on the new nt car park scanners please? Quite temperamental i find, with misleading instructions.

Directed to, was tempted to say we were picking someone up and go for the main but my wife was against it.

No skids? :’(

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Yeah, shit innit and you can’t get extra stickers to give to your sister.

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