Overflow Car Parks

the nightmare scenario with field car parks is a dry arrival following by heavy rain while you are there, That nervous return to the car. “Will I look like a bell who can’t drive properly when I start skidding around in a panic?”

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That’s just discouraging shoppers, what terrible business practice!

Little warning for you: when I went to Blickling Hall in the summer I got absolutely ravaged by horse flies. No one else did. I had to leave in the end as they wouldn’t leave me alone. Pricks.

I’ve WRECKED the bottom of my car from driving in fields and now a dangling bit of metal
scrapes almost everywhere I go. but you’ve got to take the bad with the good.

I can empathise with this

I wasn’t hanging out at the mall, pal.

I was at bh three weeks ago!!! Mudpocalypse.

I played croquet on the lawn. I assume that was out?

Is this you?


I regularly park in the overflow car park at work. It’s closer to the main road, so when it’s busy you skip about ten minutes of traffic on the way home.

This is entirely worth ruining my shoes for.

Yep. Even closed off the play park which did not go down well with my son. Fortunately prevented a meltdown by purchasing a 1975 book on tractors. Which i now have to read. Every. Night.

Have you been to the homophobic one… forgotten its name. If you go can you please keep a lookout for a bobble head of Zidane that we lost in the grounds?

Yes, i am in ac spade-c

Felbrigg Hall

You do travel far for the nt!

Got to make that money back.

Can you redeem some of your membership fee if you visit more places then?

They pay me to attend. 20p per unique site.

In the sense that you dont have to pay if you’re a member, yep

What did you think of the Warhammer film? I had forgotten I had seen it until I read a review of Duncan Jones’s new film.