Overly long songs and albums

So this has been bugging me for a while but this year seems to be exceptional for bands with long songs that drag on and albums that should be about 30 minutes shorter.

Tool are the obvious offenders here, but that new Cult of Luna could happily be a lot shorter.
Even in dance music HVOB’s album could do with a serious trim with shorter songs cause it’s 90 minute run time is ridiculous.
Anyone else sick of this or is it just my years of post rock have finally broken me?

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Ghosteen - a 12 minute AND a 14 (!) minute song? Really Nick - you couldn’t get it done any quicker than that?

I actually love both of ^those tracks tbh tbf…


Normally not a fan of long albums and the usually very concise Wand have gone well past the hour mark on their new one but it actually really works, and the little interludes add to the flow quite well

Oh Sees could probably drop a couple of tracks from the new one and the last one, and the long tracks don’t need to be quite so long, although Henchlock is great

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The Suburbs by Arcade Fire sags horribly between about tracks 6 and 12. Starts excellently and finishes excellently too.

Also I love Planetarium by Sufjan Stevens et al, but I think you could have left out a couple of parts of the solar system and been no worse for it.


Yo La Tengo used to be terrible for this, think all their 00s albums had one or two 10 minute+ songs at the end. Mostly good songs but when you’ve already sat through an hour of an album they feel designed to test your patience.

Mother by Goldie. Very long very dull.

Agree with ^this. Annoyingly if it had maybe four tracks knocked off it would be an absolute stone cold classic for me (probably better than Funeral)…


I actually get really excited when an album I’ve been looking forward to has a run time of under 50 minutes. Anything over an hour is really off-putting to me.


Popular Songs is the worst for this - aside from the opener everything is under 4.5 minutes, and then at the end you have


Cheers all


Ladies and Gents I give you Thurston Moore’s new album Spirit Counsel.

Only three tracks. Only he says…

  1. Alice Moki Jayne - 63.42
  2. 8 Spring Street - 29.21
  3. Galaxies - 55.41

Fuck that!


Facestabber would be a far superior album if they removed Henchlock and Scutum & Scorpius and stuck those two songs on a stand-alone EP. Both are very good songs but both suck the life and momentum out of the album.

When was the last time anyone listened to the Apple Jam on All Things Must Pass?

I don’t have a problem with long albums or songs per se, I’m perfectly ok with Tool for example, but they have to merit it. The new Cult of Luna drags a bit but that’s more down to the lack of variety imo, their album with Julie Christmas doesn’t drag at all and I don’t think it’s much shorter.

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I mean I know he likes playing guitar but come on !

Presume this just an album of his boring guitar noodling?

I saw him in the summer at a festival curated by Max DeMarco. We watched about ten minutes but he was doing a set of said boring guitar noodling. It was 30 degrees out so we went and had ice creams instead. Read the room, Thurston.

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The one in the middle definitely does, as do the 2 long ones on Smote. I’d be happy enough to keep Henchlock at the end but equally happy enough to have it stuck on one of those standalone 12"s they sometimes do

I made my own tracklisting for Smote that I enjoyed far more than the actual album

I’m going to suggest one that will cause horror in large parts of DIS, namely Disintegration by The Cure.

It’s a great album obviously but the length is a big part of why I don’t love it as much as lots of other people. There are eight songs that are over five minutes long, and six of those are over six minutes. Most of them could be trimmed in my view. None of them really develop or change much over their length, which is fine in itself but becomes a bit of a drag after a few repetitions. It would be a more effective album if five or six of those songs were shorter and there were just a couple of epics,


Not sure, I didn’t get more than 10 minutes in.

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You know, I actually don’t mind the new Oh Sees - I tend to break long albums into two parts on Spotify but I’ve found that it just flies by, and I’m quite happy to stick the second disc on straight after the first.

Moreso than eg that really long Fucked Up album from last year.