Overrated elements

All the precious metals (fine as a component, shit as human adornment/locked up in a vault).

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All of the noble gases.

Really harsh on krypton but I will allow it.

The best thing is that you can bully them all you want and they won’t react at all.

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Can’t believe someone liked that post.


Hydrogen. Ooh look at me, I’m number one. Bog off.

What are the man-made ones? They’re all shit as well.


Thinks it’s sooo hard

What about elementals? Rank these muthas:

There are four elemental categories: gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamanders.


Short-lived, but I’d give a high-five :hand_splayed:

Why IS gold so valued? - in turbulent times we are told “buy gold” (not me personally - people with money and assets and that) but it has no inherent value really, it’s not actually that useful. Is it just because it’s a bit useful and very rare? Yeah ok I guess it’s just that.

If all that glitters was gold then fair enough.

Undies for me


Only ever goes for Liverpool wins.

Earth < Wind < Fire < Disco

Sample city through Trancentral
basic face kick elemental

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Breaking > DJing > Graffiti > MCing

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