Overrated elements


All the precious metals (fine as a component, shit as human adornment/locked up in a vault).


All of the noble gases.


Really harsh on krypton but I will allow it.


The best thing is that you can bully them all you want and they won’t react at all.


Can’t believe someone liked that post.


Hydrogen. Ooh look at me, I’m number one. Bog off.


What are the man-made ones? They’re all shit as well.



Thinks it’s sooo hard


What about elementals? Rank these muthas:

There are four elemental categories: gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamanders.



Short-lived, but I’d give a high-five :hand_splayed:


Why IS gold so valued? - in turbulent times we are told “buy gold” (not me personally - people with money and assets and that) but it has no inherent value really, it’s not actually that useful. Is it just because it’s a bit useful and very rare? Yeah ok I guess it’s just that.


If all that glitters was gold then fair enough.


Undies for me



Only ever goes for Liverpool wins.


Earth < Wind < Fire < Disco


Sample city through Trancentral
basic face kick elemental


Breaking > DJing > Graffiti > MCing