Overseas travel plans

New update here this morning:

"Pre-departure testing requirements for inbound passengers to England and Scotland

From 04:00am on 15 January all passengers entering England or Scotland by ship, plane or train will be required to provide evidence of a negative coronavirus test taken no longer than 3 days before departure."

Trying to find out if it’s the same UK > Germany too, not sure yet.

Gives me some small hope that I may see my family at some point. :pray:

Got some answers. :slight_smile:

In case anyone’s interested, in order to get into Germany from the UK just now, you need to provide a proof of residency here and a negative test result.

(Of course I’m not going to travel just now, but find it quite comforting to know exactly what’s required.)

The Dutch government has tightened the rules for incoming travellers again.

From Friday, in order to get into the Netherlands from the UK, you’ll need to provide a negative PCR test result taken less than 72 hours before arrival, as well as a negative rapid antigen test taken immediately before departure.

The requirement to self-quarantine for 10 days upon arrival in the country remains, and the government is asking everyone not to travel abroad unless absolutely necessary.

(not planning to travel back home until Easter at the earliest)

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That’s what I’ve got my heart set on too. Finding that keeping a somewhat feasible general date in mind is really helping.

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Just nipping to Dubai for the month

Just a quick general reminder to the thread though: if they cancel on you, you can switch to ANY OTHER flight on sale. That £49 trip to Newcastle can turn into £1800 to Greece, at no charge.

(Think this excludes Turkey)

Dubai also being used as a gateway to other countries with brief isolatory downtime inbetween so this doesn’t surprise me at all

My understanding was that you can switch without any fees but you still pay the difference in price.

Will I be visiting my big sister in California in October?

  • Most likely! 98%
  • Hmm, maybe 50/50
  • Not happening :cry:

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Incorrect, done it loads of times already. £190 to Germany switched to £1000 to Croatia, and £250 to Barcelona to £750 to Palma. No cost to Huntspill.

And annoyingly most people don’t know this so clamour for the refund, but if you can keep yourself in the system, and your initial flights were cheap, you can do really well.

(Quick caveat that there may be a cut off point for this, not sure. Mrs H is all over this stuff though and it should be her job)

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Damn, I did not know this! My Berlin flights were £70 return. Bummer.

Crap. Could’ve switched to £3k of Greece with that!

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The new airport in Berlin is clearly cursed. Opens 9 years late, and keeps zapping staff.