Overseas travel plans

How have the resorts and hotels abroad faired? Do they still exist?

A lot only ‘work’ seasonally anyway so it’s maybe not as brutal an impact on tourist economy as places like Barcelona that rely on all-year-round tourism. Some have had domestic tourists.

A lot basically mothballed last year or managed to get tourists coming in – there was still some travel going on from various places – but another full year like that is going to be unsustainable. Basically it’ll differ from country to country depending on their vaccine response, quarantining, and if they really need tourist cash or not.

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That’ll be towards the end of May at the earliest now

I wasn’t planning on going anywhere soon anyway but I’d rather stay at home until any crowds of people have their holiday first.

Anyone who would rather stay at home in perpetuity can edit and ‘ftfy’ this post for their own ends.

I work for a company in the travel industry and the data that we’re seeing matches up with this, it does seem like people are actually booking, there was a big spike at the time of the announcements

Thanks for your input. As you state I agree that most people won’t want to book anything until they know it will actually happen. The only place I want to go to is Zurich, yet until I know I won’t have to quarantine either upon arrival in Switzerland or upon return to the UK there’s little point in booking anything. We’re still in an intense state of flux, both here and around the world for any certainties around international travel to be guaranteed.

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Gonna get a flight straight to Abu Hassan if the lockdown measures roll out as expected

Eurostar have just e-mailed me to say the vouchers I have from last year that I completely forgot about have been extended until December so, that’s something.


Yes, but not looking at anything abroad sooner than mid October

Don’t really get the latest position. Surely there is the small matter of what is going on at the destination? Or do we think all of forrun will welcome us if we are up to our eyeballs in sweet vaccine juice?

Have booked a family friend’s cottage down in Cornwall for September. Now have to hope that she will be allowed in and not have to quarantine come that time. She’s got her vaccine scheduled for May, and it looks increasingly likely that Switzerland will be adopting a vaccine passport. Coupled with their relatively low infection rate, hopefully all this will make our holiday possible.

I’m a million times more optimistic about Bilbao/Galicia in July than three days ago, but I definitely won’t go abroad anywhere before having the vaccine. Which could be done and dusted by then but, y’know, that was claimed by Boris… :roll_eyes:

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are you in a group thats due the vaccine soon?

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Doubt it, I’m 35 and have no serious underlying health problems. Personally I’m not in a huge rush to go abroad and pinning most of my hopes on 2022, anything this year is just a pleasant bonus. Current estimates here, though I swear the second dose was a month earlier the other day…

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Impromptu Ashes/sister’s wedding visit to Australia, Christmas 2021/January 2022

  • Fuck off, mate :australia::no_entry:
  • C’mon in, mate :australia::koala:

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Doubt they’ll let us in

Yeah, with their relative success in combating Covid I suppose Oz/NZ will be trying harder than anyone to make sure they don’t come so far to screw up at the finish line.

Mrs HYG is desperate to book something, currently looking at a package deal for Greece in July. She reckons the company will refund / cancel the trip if restrictions are still in place then (currently you have to isolate for a week when you get there), but idk, still feels very ambitious.

Reckon a year in the Seychelles should do nicely

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Best flag ever? :seychelles: