Overseas travel plans

Telegraph saying jabbed up folks will be travelling

In the past week they’ve announced vaccinated citizens will be able to return to Canada without quarantining “some time in July”. Now I’m thinking of flying back to see my family with at least one of my kids in early August… but there’s still a lot of confusion.

  • Will kids be exempt? Seems likely but no word yet.
  • Can I fly to my hometown? At the moment overseas flights only land at 4 designated airports. But if we don’t need to quarantine can I get a connecting flight?
  • Still not sure how I prove I’ve been vaccinated, other than the flimsy little card I was given on the day.

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Even if that’s true - it’s The Telegraph - I don’t see it making that much difference. I can’t go to Switzerland without the need to self-isolate for 10 days regardless of the fact that I’ve been doubled dosed, and many other countries round Europe are following suit following the spread of the Delta variant in the UK.

The NHS app (not to be confused with the NHS Track & Trace app) has a function to “share proof of your COVID-19 status for travel”. This can generate both a QR code and a PDF document that can be used to show proof of vaccination when asked by officials.

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Want to start figuring out a trip back to the UK, thinking around Christmas. Shit should be okay by then right? …right?

Have gambled on flights to Faro at the end of August. Will be double vaxxed then. Flexible Ryanair ticket so we will go in Easter holiday if we can’t make it then I think.

Bought a ticket to see Japanese Breakfast in March next year in the 'dam so that should be nice.

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Off to Portugal for two weeks tomorrow :tada:


So Canada indeed have lifted quarantine for vaccinated citizens from July 5th… but it doesn’t apply to kids who still need to quarantine for 14 days. FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!

Vaccination status in app coming soon

The NHS app has that function already, at least for a week or so.