Overseas travel plans

Flying back to the UK or my best mate’s birthday in London on Saturday night. 10/10, I’m sure that will be absolutely fine and in no way chaotic

Finland was a great bunch of fun. Highlight being the night where we had our own wood fired sauna and then sat out in the garden having some nudist cans.


Getting the Eurostar to Marseille tomorrow! Any recommendations? We’re there for four nights before heading to Cotignac for a week. Have a car while there so any recommendations for the whole area greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Getting a train to Gatwick Airport for my flight to Marrakesh next Saturday and sod’s law there’s a bloody nationwide train strike!

Anyone who travels on that line know if it’s affected? (can’t find any information on Govia Thames Rail twitter account)

Southern who run Gatwick Express and Thameslink who run the regular slower service are not on strike, but are likely to be disrupted. I’d leave plenty of time and keep an eye on the National Rail site which has strike updates.

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Regular coaches to Gatwick from Victoria as well.

Yeah, it says on the National Rail app that journey planners will be updated on the 27th Sept.

Fingers crossed.

Football stadium is pretty amazing. I went there pre roof when I was about 14.

Just so pleased our holiday to see my SiL in Orange County is postponed from the last two October’s to next week

Yeah, we’ve got a family holiday to NY next May, and God knows what the exchange rate will be then!