Overseas travel plans

Anywhere in particular to recommend. We’re thinking 14-17 days, moving around but ending with 4 nights at an all inclusive somewhere we can just do nothing and relax

I did Mexico City, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta (the latter being a destination for gay version of “spring break”, bizarre experience) and all were great.

I did the tequila train, I was a lot younger then and would probably find the experience challenging now but at the time it was swell. On Board the Jose Cuervo Express Tequila Train - basically an excuse for a all day piss up dressed up as a tourist attraction.

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We did Playa Del Carmen (v nice resort there - andaz mayakoba) and Tulum then Mexico City for a few days.

Tulum is WELL posey but v good for cenotes and a weird fake/real water park thing (Xel-Ha)

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How did you get between them? Fly? My partner’s not a great flyer so will probably have to avoid internal flights while we’re out there.

So I think the Mexico City - guadalajara - Pacific coast option looks more viable

Ah yeah might not be great for her, but I’m also a v nervous flyer and was ok. We flew direct to Mexico City and it’s just an hour smaller plane (like a city flyer jet, not a prop) to Cancun. The way back was a bigger jet.

Would v much recommend AeroMexico to fly on. The man free poured me half a pint of neat tequila reposado on the flight!

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Will see what I can do. Would love to go to Chiapas as well

I’m desperate to go back, especially to Mexico City as covid kicked off and we just got a bit rattled that we may be stuck in Mexico (in hindsight, that would have been ok?). Wherever you go will be excellent.

Got the CDMX recs when you’re nearer to the time.

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My mum and dad will have been together 50 years next year and are gonna renew their vows in vegas, they’ve asked me to go with them, i’ve said yes…really hope they’re paying

If you’re in Vegas to get married/renewed and you’re not getting it done by an Elvis impersonator, what actually is the point?


Might go to Santander in March.

(Feel free to reply with obvious jokes)

I’ll talk them into something weird

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Also considering Mexico for next Winter. Really want to go to Palenque, but ideally want to avoid internal flights. Current thinking is to fly into Cancun, go to Chichen Itza, then head to Chiapas for San Cristobal and Palenque. Then head back over to the caribbean coast to Tulum or somewhere like that. Would just need to see how long those bus journeys would be and if there’s decent night buses if as I suspect they’re very long.

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My brother said the buses are very good (there’s no passenger rail network so it’s the only option I think). Think the distances are pretty massive though

My mum and dad did that 5 years ago for their 40th. They absolutely loved it, especially my mum who is a big Elvis fan.

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If you’re going to go to somewhere as famously naff as Vegas, you better commit.

I am highly offended by this take.






Also been looking at this, the flights are so cheap and from Birmingham airport got perfect flight times for a long weekend (although it’s Ryanair so always at risk of flight time change).

Yeah going from brum as well. Can do 2x flights and 3 nights hotel for 200 quid. Don’t mind the flight being an hour late for that (I’ve generally been lucky with Ryanair though)

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Nice, good to know total costs as hadn’t got to looking at accomodation yet.

Yeah in fairness it’s only the one time I’ve really been hit by a Ryanair change when they pushed it back by 4 hours.