Overseas travel plans

My mum and dad did that 5 years ago for their 40th. They absolutely loved it, especially my mum who is a big Elvis fan.

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If you’re going to go to somewhere as famously naff as Vegas, you better commit.

I am highly offended by this take.






Also been looking at this, the flights are so cheap and from Birmingham airport got perfect flight times for a long weekend (although it’s Ryanair so always at risk of flight time change).

Yeah going from brum as well. Can do 2x flights and 3 nights hotel for 200 quid. Don’t mind the flight being an hour late for that (I’ve generally been lucky with Ryanair though)

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Nice, good to know total costs as hadn’t got to looking at accomodation yet.

Yeah in fairness it’s only the one time I’ve really been hit by a Ryanair change when they pushed it back by 4 hours.

We did overnight buses and they were comfortable.

Haven’t left the UK since Oct 2019 and not had more than a few days off work since then. Been struggling with burnout so trying to get some inspiration from this thread but it’s a lot to parse. Everything seems so much more expensive than when I last went anywhere. Any tips for anywhere that isn’t crazy expensive? Like £300 for a 3-4 day break somewhere warmish? I’ll probably just end up having a staycation again but curious if there’s anything anyone would recommend.

you can probably get an apartment in Malaga for about £50-60 a night and flights out there are usually pretty cheap. the old town there is really nice and the food is amazing

alternatively you can go to Google Flights, stick your departure airport and some dates in and see where takes your fancy based on your budget

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Seville is about as warm as Europe gets, cheap to eat and drink in and you can get a hotel room for ~£35 a night. 3-4 days is plenty to see the sights and have plenty of cafe/bar chill out time.

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Portugal tends to be reliably cheap and there are plenty of low cost carriers flying there…

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Depending on the time of year you’re looking to go, I would look at Valencia, Seville, Lisbon or Porto, maybe, although £300 is pushing it a bit these days for a city break.

If you don’t mind a resort package, then I think you could get something in Spain for about £250 out of the school holidays.

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Really enjoyed Malaga when I went

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Best friend and I are thinking of visiting Slovenia over the summer. For anyone who has been, is 5 nights a decent amount of time to spend there?

Plenty of time, it’s not a big country. It’s probably already on your list but go to Lake Bled and try and get there early in the day when it’s not blistering hot and rammed with tourists. Ljubljana is very walkable and has plenty of good galleries and museums.



How’s the train network there? Have always found the Balkans to be very sketchy when it comes to train travel.

When part of Yugoslavia, Slovenia felt more kinship to Austria (being a former part of the Habsburg Monarchy) and Slovenes were referred to as “the Germans of Yugoslavia” whether this translates to an efficient rail network…

Not good, IIRC. There are buses that go from Ljubljana to a lot of the main sites that go at regular times.

Did you visit Piran?

It looks beautiful.