Overseas travel plans

Thanks, 4 nights (Sunday to Thursday). Will have to see how much exploring I can do…

Highly recommend the free walking tour of Tbilisi also. Very comprehensive.

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We spent almost two weeks in Georgia in 2018, based in Tbilisi, will try and dig out some stuff we did. We went on this tour which was great (although it’s shot up in price I see):

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think i wanna do some eat pray love bullshit next year, health permitting

maybe a workaway thing to give me a bit of structure. anyone got any experience with that?

Got back from this last night - very pleasant 10 days away. Overall however, was a little underwhelmed by Santorini - of the other Greeks islands we’ve been to (Corfu, Lefkada, Zakynthos, Ithaca, Kefalonia) I would place it as my least favourite. Very very busy, especially for off season, and not as stunning as I was expecting. Athens on the other hand blew me away. What an amazing (and for a capital, cheap) city - already planning to go back…

A timely post as I’ve been thinking of combining Athens with an island trip. Out of the islands you’ve been to, which one would you recommend as your favourite? Personally I’m gravitating towards Kefalonia…

We’ve been to Lefkada three times so that is definitely Our Spot, but we’ve mainly gravitated there as it’s very quiet. That said, it is extremely nice and nearby Preveza and the accompanying Nicopolis are relatively undiscovered gems.

Kefalonia is probably the nicest we’ve been to. We stayed in Fiskardo which is the very top of the island, so about an hour’s drive from the airport or capital, and it is bloody lovely. That said, you probably need a car if you’re going to stay up there. Can’t go wrong with Kefalonia - it’s got everything :+1:


The only Greek island I’ve been to was Paros but it was quite chill and not too difficult to get to from Athens, would recommend.

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We had a nice time in Santorini a few years back

We did visit fira and oia but didn’t stay in them as yeh they were busy…but really picturesqe and nice.

Had some incredible food in Bodrum and generally a good time. Really wasn’t as cheap as I expected though. About uk prices even outside of the touristy bits (admittedly not that far out mind)

Finally got round to booking flights out to Israel for January, having not been there since pre-2020/Covid. Been conflicted due to the current situation but, because of that current situation, I feel I need to go to see family and friends to see how they’re coping. Probably stick to Tel Aviv, though. Have always wanted to travel up north to hike but too dangerous up there at the moment with Hezbollah firing in rockets from Lebanon.

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Omg Oakland

It’s my people :heart_eyes:

Spending Easter with the enigma of my life, so just booked return flights to Zurich. Never experienced a Swiss Easter so very much looking forward to that.

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wonder if swiss easter eggs have holes in

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Just booked to go back to Kefalonia…

…for October 2024 because that’s how booking at not stupid prices works for the school holidays :upside_down_face:

Pretty much everything is closed.

Have already been forewarned, and that’s the way it should be.