Overused and purloined sound effects in tv and adverts


The same sound effects have been knocking about for decades and it’s time they were outed

  1. Johnson’s baby products baby laugh “Euh hahah” - Used as a default baby laugh in hundreds of shows and adverts usually in pairing with another baby laugh noise to avoid being recognised, but it doesn’t fool me
  2. Deus Ex rusty door opening sound - Used in countless BBC and C4 shows for a door opening off-screen. Twice this year I’ve heard this one
  3. Rollercoaster tycoon kids enjoying themselves sound – Used in manifold tv shows and adverts for children enjoying themselves

I was sure I had more


This one?

Also know it from Diddy Kong Racing on the 64


yessss! my brother and I point this out everywhere and call it the “diddy kong laugh”. most recently heard it in legion


wilhelm scream?


I hear it all the bloody time. Can’t believe it’s so used still, even in multi-million dollar movies!


One of my favourite conversations with one of my old housemates (paraphrased due to memory)

Dog makes a characteristic dog sound in an advert

ME: Did you hear that?


ME: They used the dog sound from Final Fantasy VIII

HOUSEMATE: It’s probably just a stock sound effect that they both used

ME: No. It’s from Final Fantasy VIII

HOUSEMATE: That sound’s probably been used in loads of different things



That’s it!!!


I’ll be honest, this thread is going better than I expected. Well done and welcome to the boards.


if you can find the deus ex one I’ll be indebted to you for life. Everytime it comes on I’m at the wife “There it is again!!!” the rusted door opening sound from Deus ex


The sound effects from Deus Ex are used in loads of places.

The electronic sounds when you go to open up a computer often crop up in Hollywood films.


Used to annoy me that the ‘album successfully ripped’ noise on iTunes used to be used as text message or email alerts on movies.