Overweight balding man march in London today

Anyone know what this is for? I can guess but saw no banners. Around green park.

Didn’t know there was a dismeat on today!


Heard a rumour that it might be called, i shit you not, the Football Lads Alliance…

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Just heard someone in the cinema say the same thing as I read this! Christ.

There was a football lads alliance thing going on at the pub I went to before the last Spurs game I saw. Shit bunch of lads

Marching for…? Football? Lads?

Getting in on the bantz


Well I hope the authorities listen to them and tell the terrorists to bloody well stop it.


this is why we shouldn’t have international breaks


Fucking international breaks.

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What’s the football link then? Seems to just be typical anti-immigration stuff.

Football lads and vets? Glad the football lads and people from the field of animal husbandry have come together to make sure future terrorism is decidedly non-halal if you catch my drift.

These chaps happen to like football (or looking after poorly animals) as well as hating brown folk.

I wonder if they support an all-British EPL…


Fuck the football lads pal.

Gotta have hobbies eh?

apparently ian wright’s said any of the football lads alliance lot that don’t fancy this should be made to phone their local vet and apologise

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Big bag of footballs with the lads

Wonder what tournoi fans and animal doctors are grouping together for