Owen Pallett 2019




It was meant to come out last year no? ‘Island’ has been a thing for a while anyway – on his Facebook:

I dunno what happened. @Konichiwa_Bitches might have the scoop. Owen posted all the lyrics here too

oh ffs i didn’t know that. however, that photo was posted yesterday, so something is happening, surely…

Hope so!

‘Heartland’ was absolutely brilliant. Definitely looking forward to new material, he likes to take his time…

Just realised it’s 5 years since In Conflict. Wow, time fairly moves on. That was a great record too.


I wish I had a scoop, but I have none.

I’m so glad this is finally happening. I really loved In Conflict and I think I made it my aoty, but Heartland is in my all time top 10, I love it completely. Really excited to hear this and hopefully see him on tour.

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If it’s the best album he’s made by a long shot, we’ll be in for a treat


Saw that he’d produced the new Mountain Goats album and thought to myself “FFS! Just get some new music out there, man!”. This is all great news. “In Conflict” is an absolute BANGER and Owen was the best thing at the Arcade Fire BST day a few years back.

Presume it is that he is going on a quest to slay a dragon

So, more than a year later…



Plus he mentions his new album, Island, will be out “soon” - hurrah!

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I bet the old copies that have the Final Fantasy name on them will go for £££

Subsequent releases, including Heartland, will be issued under my own name, Owen Pallett. Prior releases will sometime soon be re-packaged and re-issued.

Only took 11 years


Like the idea of any CD being valuable, good one

I was thinking LP, but maybe CD who knows

Hehe, I’ve got a few.

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And you are now rich my friend (possibly)

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And yet, I would trade all my Owen’s CDs for a new album. :smirk_cat:

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