Own brand stuff that is not good

regarding condiments, vinegar and soy sauce are fine but they’re both just basic stuff so can’t really go wrong

you say that but I’m eating Lidl bread at the moment that’s totally fine…for 35p!!!

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yeah cola is bad, wouldn’t trust own brand pop other than lemonade

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I like big bread personally

Own brand lager is usually highly questionable
M&S do an ok one

what’s a good bread? I don’t know if I really like any bread

And you cannot lie


coffee though, makes no difference

Own brand ice cream is usually not great


Morrison’s bakery stuff EMBARRASSES Gregg’s for quality. But it’s a dice roll for what they’ll have at any given time. Covid seems to have put them off doing any of the vegan stuff, which is a shame. I used to go in after 8pm when it’s all reduced and buy like 2 big fat pasties or pies for about 50p, they’re a full meal each and you can keep and reheat them like 4 days later and they’re still good.

Bloody love Morrisons


The Tesco equivalent of the one I usually buy is worse generally but also better for freezing. Score draw?

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Sainsbury’s crunchy nut cornflakes but not Tesco’s

just can’t see that cereal will be any different since it’s just cardboard with sugar on it

I know someone who makes the Morrison’s bakery stuff. A proud Cornishman.

ONCE AGAIN Morrisons comes into its own. Just the regular ass Morrisons sliced comes in multiseed, soya and linseed, and pumpkin seed varieties. It’s a pound for a massive loaf and it’s way better than any branded bread, even posh ones.

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They’re my personal hero

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where are you going to find a Morrisons though? They’re rarer than Waitrose!


There’s one right behind my house, and another one a 5 minute walk down the canal.

I think they’re only in the north tho


Morrisons cookies are really good too compared to the other places