Owning the Libs (rolling)


100s of plastics straws. To own the Libs.

Use this thread to post the most egriegous* examples of lib owning.

I’m sure a lot of this stuff ends up in the trump thread or Brexit thread but now it has it’s own.

*first time I have ever used this word. Not sure what it means.


*its own

Correcting grammar to own the Libs



(I fully accept the hypocrisy of this coming from me of all people)


Honestly think it’s it’s

Is that not a possessive apostrophe? Anyway only stupid libs care about commas. Owned.


Tbh I’m fecking terrible at grammar but I alway thought the general rule was:

It’s = it is
Its = possession

Cba to check it though. Take that, Lib. Owned


I’m feeling pretty triggered now.


The cup is also about owning the libs

Double owning!


You could always go and whittle a wooden straw to calm yourself


Another thread? Don’t we have enough threads?


Triggered much?!


This snowflake’s an avalanche


You got so owned you started a thread about it


KATIE PAVLICH: How do you like that, liberals? I really showed you, didn’t I? What do you have to say to that, you left-leaning ninnies. That’s right I said ninnies because I DON’T CARE WHO I OFFEND

LEFT WING PERSON: It must be really uncomfortable trying to drink that drink with all those straws

OTHER LEFT WING PERSON: And the sheer amount of straws must impact on how much liquid can actually go in the cup.

LEFT-LEANING PERSON WHO POLITICALLY IS MORE CENTRIST BUT IS AWAITING AN ORTHOPAEDIC SHOE: Not enough for a satisfactory drink, really. You’d have to keep coming and going.

KATIE PAVLICH: Yeah that’s right, I showed you


Not the point of the thread, but these recyclable straws are horrible, aren’t they? I’ll still use 'em and that, but they sort of go through me like touching cotton wool, and taste 'orrid.








100% correct






Think you’re inserting them too far