Oxide Ghosts - The Brasseye Tapes

Michael Cumming the director of Brasseye is showing this in various places around the country. I’ve booked for showing in Cardiff. Looks pretty damn interesting…


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This already passed through Birmingham (I think) and sold out before I could bag a ticket. Which is a bit of a downer because (a) it sounds really interesting, and (b) I read that this tour will pretty much be the only screening it’s going to get.

Got tickets for the Dublin show on the 29th. Very excited. Given how generally secretive Morris about his working processes and general life, I would think there should be some interesting stuff in both the film and the Q&A after.

Friend had two spare tickets going for this but i was too slow :disappointed:

Going to the Belfast screening, quite looking forward to it. Especially as the screening is an old bank that’s recently (temporarily?) turned into a little theatre

Yeah missed the glasgow one :frowning:

There’s a Wolverhampton date. Tuesday 21st Nov

saw this tonight, was very enjoyable, good Q&A after as well. it’s mostly unseen bits and outtakes and stuff but well constructed so it doesn’t just feel like a DVD extra.