watched a pal try them for the first time at the start of the week. A heartwarming experience. As a preference:

  • Give ‘em to me unseasoned/touch o’ lemon
  • Give 'em to me with toppings/sauces
  • Give 'em to me on bread/gingerbread
  • Do not give me any, I hate them
  • Never tried, want to
  • Never tried, never will (because i don’t like the thought of them)
  • Veggie/Vegan so not applicable

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Fucking disgusting business


normally like them with Tabasco

having said that I’ve not eaten them for like 4 or 5 years - after me (and my dining companion) got very sick from eating them (in a well respected oyster specialist)


Look grim af tbh


Had food poisoning so many times from seafood that i don’t eat any at all now really…bar the odd piece of salmon with rocket and lemonjuice (used to be one of my favourites).


Panko-ed and pan-fried is good business.


shit i knew i’d missed an option and i had 'em deep fried on tuesday damnit


Even when I ate meat I had no desire to try them. They’re very cute animals though, as are scallops <3




Something slimy served in an ashtray, said Miss Piggy. I agree.


Yeah, I like them, though only had them a handful of times. Bit of tabasco usually.

Are you supposed to bite into them or let them slide down whole? Have always done the latter (bit into one once and it was like eating the sea) but have heard conflicting things.


Proper love an oyster lil bit of lemon juice or hot sauce. Feel like a class traitor though.


is oysters on gingerbread a thing?


slightly regret never having eaten decent seafood before i went veggo, especially when watching masterchef!!


The best seafood is langoustine


Once you’ve spent an hour getting their coats off


really want oysters now. cheers xylo.


@lo-pan to thread, the King of Gout himself!


only had them fried once and they were a bit shit. just generic lump of stuff and all you could taste was the grease. bit of a waste.


Grew up near mersea island so struggle with most oysters and mussels because they’re just not as good