Who is watching/watched?

Only one episode in.

Any good? The still/promo thing for Ozark comes up every time I go into Netflix for the last week or two.

seems it from the first episode… hoping someone else is gonna come in saying… aw my gawd its brilliant…

A couple of my mates have said it’s very good. All I’ve seen is a 30 second piece that they showed on The One Show maybe a month ago when Jason Bateman was a guest. I only watch the most engrossing hard hitting TV magazine programmes you see.

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The only thing I heard is that it’s terrible and stupid.

Love it. Aiden Turner’s abs? Phowaarrrr.


It’s good, but it’s so obviously in thrall to Breaking Bad.

read the synopses blurb and it seemed like a gritty breaking bad which i cba with at all

was waiting for folk on here to tell me what it’s actually like and if it’s any good


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It is brilliant, I’m on episode 8!!

LOVE Laura Linney. LOVE HER. Always have, always will. She’s so good in this.

Does anyone else find the whole programme quite… motivating? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

P.S. DO NOT like Peter Mullan minus his Scottish accent though.

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I heard it was terrible AND stupid.

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I’m halfway through. Starts great but it seems to be plateauing now. There are a couple of characters which are keeping me interested though. Hoping the finale is as good, if not better than, the beginning.

it’s good, but it does sort of fall under the weight of too many side characters. Even the kids sort of disappear for long stretches of plot.

Wait, a gritty breaking bad? The show where the ‘normal’ main dude strangles a guy using a bike D-Lock (this is now the cycling thread)???

I dunno, maybe it got a lot more comedy after the first season.

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Breaking Bad has its funny moments.

not sure I’d say Ozark is a grittier version of BB. Maybe if BB’s plot started in S3.

My fav BB season was S2 so I think that’s me out on Ozark then. Had enough of overly dark shows.

I wouldn’t say Ozark is particularly dark! It’s nothing like Breaking Bad in my opinion.

Haha fair enough, I just wanted to jump on the bandwagon and feel involved :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah… its got some money laundering in it… :confused:

Up to episode 5 so far and really enjoying it, although I can sort of see one of the strengths of the show, the relatively diverse plot lines, also kind of being a weakness in the long run if they’re never really resolved fully.

Haha, that’s cool! I just think of that scene in series one of Breaking Bad the bathtub scene I mean… Ozark isn’t even in the same league of grimness.