Three episodes in - Jason Bateman’s pretty good in it right? More convincing than he was as Michael Bluth in Season 4 of Arrested Development…


Isn’t that the stuff that’s like cottage cheese?


This is good.


3 episodes in, enjoying it so far. The lead performances are really good.


Up to episode 8, not entirely sure why I’m still bothering. The writing is just shoddy, the characters are unbelievably flimsy and there’s no suspense whatsoever (ooh, how long will they keep the money laundering secret from the children? Oh, 1 episode. When will Mason find out that they’re selling heroin at chur- oh, 1 episode again. Could there be anything to this FBI agent/Russ romance - half an episode.) The central premise of the money laundering doesn’t actually make sense either, unless we’re to assume that all the money he spends is with shell companies owned by Del, which isn’t ever explained if so.

Are there any Netflix originals that are consistently good and watchable throughout? I’ve tried and given up on Bloodline, Kimmy Schmidt, Master of None, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards and probably won’t bother with the second season of this. Stranger Things is the only one that didn’t outstay its welcome.


the trailer looks pretty annoying for the new season.

agree that for all of Netflix’s popularity, its shows seem to peak in the first season.


Well I would say House of Cards S3 is absolutely terrible but S4 really came back and, once some of he S5 reveals come up around episode 4 (?) you understand why it started off feeling the way it did. In short: I think House of Cards is worth a revisit if you gave up on it S3.

I really REALLY don’t know what to make of The OA but I think I enjoyed it. And this is a sort of consistent comment on it really: it’s sort of massively compelling even when you’re thinking “What the fuck is this?” so maybe give that a try if you haven’t. Bojack Horseman seems great. I thought Love got a lot better in the second season too.

As or Ozark we watched 3, mainly because we’re fans of Bateman and Linney but my god it’s dull. It suffers from the ‘Peak TV’ and ‘Netflix’ thing of having nowhere to go. House of Cards has a lot of this (mainly S3 hits it hard) but pushes through. The Netflix problem seems to be the fear of being cancelled which leads to lots of plot ideas sort of pulled tentatively so as to keep a story hanging but without too much planning ahead for other seasons so as not to waste effort.

It really shows with Ozark. On top of that it’s so full of bad formula characters. Oh really, an FBI guy who’s not all good so we contrast law enforcement with the bad guys who are actually portrayed as mostly unfortunate (our main characters)? Coming off the back of Twin Peaks I was thinking how rare it is we actually see a law enforcement agent who is just a genuine good guy. X-Files did it too. Let’s see some of that again. Sometimes people aren’t a mass of bad contradictions, sometimes the worst hypocrisy they do is to get huffy about people eating meat but still eat cheese or something…