P.E teachers

why were they so mean?


My mum used to be one, I’ll ask her

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Like a rubbish storyline in the Beano, my PE teacher at school was called Mr Strong.

(And my art teacher was Mr Strange, but I’ll save that for the art teacher thread)


apologies to your mum but jeez they weren’t nice people at my school!

Mine wasnt. He told me to go home and he’d tell the other teachers he’d sent me home ill when he caught me smoking weed and high as fuck.

Top bloke with a tash.


You don’t need to apologise to her! I know for a fact she’s got the shouty-whistle-do-100-laps-because-you-forgot-your-tabbard vibe down to a tee

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one of mine picked up a kid who had been giving him some cheek and speared him into the ground, y’know like the wrestling move

I had teachers in subsequent years at primary school called Mr Boreham (not that boring) and Mr Brain (got fired for getting high, used to sing songs about the Romans and wore sandals)

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probably from dealing with the constant stream of kids moaning they couldn’t do PE for xyz reasons


He was gone shortly after that but I did see him again when I was in sixth form at a school in the next town over. Crazy that he still had a job after that.

PE sucks and is for macho macho mans

forced to play Rugby in the winter I mean how does that make sense?


My RE teacher dragged me out of the classroom by my jaw once

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After I left school the PE teacher allegedly had an affair with another teacher whose husband was an airline pilot or cruise ship captain (the stories often got muddled). He was a nice enough man

It is or was a winter sport

they really need to sort out PE from about 2000-2003!!

makes no sense to me, the ground was icy and hard, it was cold. Brutal time for a brutal sport


One PE teacher caught me doing something and was writing out a house demerit thing and didn’t realise I was in the house he was in charge of until I told him, so he called me scum. Unfortunately for him my mum had been standing behind him :smiley:


was better than so many other lessons (depending on what you were doing in PE)
For me-
Bunking off>>>>>>>>>>>Art lessons>>PE/Sport>>>>>Everything else