P&P no Yippee

Paid £50 on top of a £190 Ikea spend this week. Too much isn’t it?

Those fuckers had me over a barrel because they knew I didn’t want to have to remove the car seats and spend an afternoon collecting the shit. Also meant I bought more stuff to get the cost to p&p ratio down.


Robbing swede bastards

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Did a click & collect at Ikea the other week which I was charged £5 for the pleasure of.

In fairness there was no way I would have joined the, I estimate, 500 person long queue to actually get into the building but a fiver for someone to hand over an object still grated…

feel like ikea’s business model has never been built to delivery tho. it’s not like you weren’t expecting the hefty bill

life wayfair delivery is super cheap. but wayfair for big furniture are utter, utter dogshit, or at best pot luck

I guess I can knock the fiver off my p&p then as I wouldn’t have been going into the shop.

I also tried to add some fizzy cola sweets as they were vegetarian and then it was all ‘instore only’. Why can’t you put them in a fucking box for me?

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DFS tried to charge me 70 quid to deliver “and install” a scatter cushion

changed my mind at the checkout, weirdly.


I was expecting £35 which is what I paid the last time I couldn’t be arsed to drive to:

My current IKEA grumbles are twofold.

ONE - Ordered our kitchen from them. Getting our kitchen installed (not by IKEA) at the end of march. Half of the stuff they are delivering then, for some reason the other half we had to take delivery of last week. So there’s an oven and extractor hood just sat in the dining room atm.

TWO - only after completing the order they told us a couple of drawer fronts are out of stock. So we have to just keep checking the website to arrange delivery/collection of them. And no guarantee they’ll be in stock in time for the kitchen installation.


also greenwich

also don’t they do different timeslots for different prices?

these are both legitimate gripes, in stark contrast to OP

Never been to the Greenwich one.

The only options available to me were click and collect or express.

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This has been noted and stored.

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Paid for an Ikea delivery a few weeks ago. Justified it on the grounds that if I go in person it’s £10 in fuel + £10 in Starbucks (no way I’m doing an Ikea without a treat for myself too) + a good 4 hour roundtrip + £££ on shit I didn’t want but bought anyway. Worked out about the same overall I reckon.

I think the last time I used their website it also gets you to go through a lot of the ordering process, selecting delivery, put in address etc, only to tell you at the end that the main stuff you wanted is out of stock, but they have the door hooks you wanted! DIE!