P p poker face p p p poker face ste ste steve



This is a SAAAAADD fuckin hand


Time flies as a crow flies


I’m saying I bet he has an arsenal of solid poker patter


never heard anything he’s made or produced but well done for winning at poker


Last one (for now)

My Black Ace


yes you have dont be silly


:joy: yes you have


I refuse to beloeve anyone on this forum hasnt heard a s9ng hes produced


Steve this credit card is fucked up


What a fucking nerd


*fuckin’ derd niffer


Dunno whats the biggest thing he did?


Probably In Utero (which tbf someone else took over) and Surfer Rosa are what he specifically is best known for (and Rid of Me by PJ Harvey actually), but he’s produced loadsa big namz


just to remix a couple of tracks though rite?


I think so but in credit terms that album’s credited to Scott Litt, right?


you’re into Jason Molina no? did that last s:o album. oh apparently he did a load of his stuff. I checked.

loads of that alt country stuff and slowcore stuff as well as the noisy ones.


don’t have my copy to hand but i’m not aware of this being the case


(incidentally I have a lotta respect for Albini on the basis of his letter to Nirvana in which he insists on charging them the standard amount he’d charge any other band and all that)


aye, some Will Oldham and Low albums, Dirty Three etc.