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Pitchfork deserve credit for raising the profile of indie rock over the years, but they could learn a thing or two about writing a headline. I mean, there must be at least half a dozen decent puns to be had from this story…and that’s where you come in. The best I can do is ‘Songs About Bluffing’, or maybe ‘Ante Hero’. Not great.

Over to you.

Steve All-ini


I did some top puns in the other thread

Bet he’s won a few bob (Weston)


Yeah, we’ve ended up with a split pot.

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Shit producer who is also in a shit band turns out to be good at something


If he’d just let Nirvana pay him royalties he could’ve tripled his winnings

@moderators tors kill him pls

Albini? We don’t have that kind of power fam.

Ah cool I’ve heard theee of these albums. Jarvis, Jason Molina and Low. Good albums. Good poker.


You should really listen to In Utero.

And to be honest, Shellac’s first album - At Action Park - is a really interesting one.

Needs to beat victoria coren, devilfish and sharp_yet_blunt before I’m impressed.

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Opening Stake and Black Onions

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Anyone watched that Sonic Highways episode with Steve Albini in? He talks about the financial challenges of keeping his studio going and mentions that his poker playing provides another source of funding for it. Therefore I am pleased with him :+1:


I love that he’s described as a recording studio owner in the Twitter post.