P4k's top 50 Britpop records


Because we’re really clutching at straws now


there are 50 Britpop albums?




it felt like 50 were coming out every week at one point


Yeah, I basically came in to question if there were 50 good ones?


good interview with the face of Britpop, Danny Boyle


oh wait it slates Placebo then praises Space.

carry on


Fascist genre


Fuckloads of Not-Britpop in that list.


Quite enjoyed how their Sgt Pepper thing had to branch out to Jools Holland and film characters to make up space mind


I have adblocker installed solely for pitchfork




I don’t actually know what that is :speak_no_evil:


It’s a band called Space. They were a Britpop band. You’re lucky not to remember them.


It’s the band, Space.

Funny joke!


The band Space.


Still waiting on who that might be, guys.


Guys, the writing in this list is out of this world:

“James would never have a hit like “Laid” again, but crucially, they showed the value of reinvention to their tour openers that year: a young band called Radiohead.”


Ugh. Was a time when P4K would offer an alternative opinion. Would say, that Oasis album was popular but actually shite wasn’t it? and those Super Furries or Teenage Fanclub ones are actually way better.

But this is full on NME, Q or Rolling Stone style cannon worship. Such dull fucking opinions.


Oof, triple hit.

While I think it’s not good to bother with this, I went over that article and I did feel a weird nostalgia seeing those album covers again. I completely remembered the times I was at friends’ places at Uni and going over their CDs to find out what they had that I wanted to hear or to play during a party or whatever.

Man it’s insane to think how much music cost.