PA System Advice

Hello DIS! I need advice. I’ve been relying on my band’s wonderful PA system and I’ve recently got a residency and will be performing solo so I need to invest in a PA. I will be using it for vocals and guitar, maybe electric violin at times but mainly vocals and guitar.

I want something that is good quality but also easy for me to transport around (I’ll get a trolley).

Any suggestions? Something not too expensive!

rough times for musicians when you have to bring your own PA!

Not really. It’s a well paid residency.

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Plus I’d rather use my own equipment anyway.

where’s it at? you gonna jag it on here?

Not now cheers mate

Hiya mazzer. This is lightweight and fairly cheap.


Thanks for reminding me why I don’t post on here anymore. Cheers guys.


what happened to your sense of humour ! I did come across this article when I was googling. Hope it helps.

Honest advice - give the music forum a go and/or try during the day shift

sorry :confused:

I’m guessing you’ll want powered/active speakers?

I’ve only got experience of JBL EON 15 G2s but I’ve been very happy with them