Pack it in

Masterchef (all types)
Soaps (all)
Everything I don’t like

let me begin


Japes, do you prefer House of Pain or Cypress Hill?

Everlast is playing live near me next month, it’d be awful wouldn’t it

Tonight, I throw myself into
And out of the red, out of her head she sang

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house of pain, i guess

What about Louis Armstrong or Johnny Logan?

Here is something you can’t understand: The reason behind japes’s reply

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probably louis. though i insist on pronouncing it “lewis”

John Louis

international house of paincakes
cypress waff-hill house


I just looked at TikTok this morning. No idea what I was looking at and all the video’s are shit and made me feel old (compounded by the fact I got my first pair of reading glasses today).

so that’s why you disappeared… you couldn’t make out the tiny forum text any more?

Do you have a chain to wear them around your neck?

also my first born is now taller than me.

I am literally obsolete.

What type of house was the house of pain?

A gingerBREAD house!!!


My youngest is now taller than me - I have hand me down clothes from him

Well the joke’s on him, I’m considerably fatter. I did consider borrowing some converse trainers off him though.

House of Pain would be a great name for a French bakery

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