"Pack of paprika crisps and a Maxibon please"


This is a thread about phrases you say whilst on holiday.

You know what to do :wink:

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posso accarezzare il tuo cane?

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uno ice cream sandwich por favor


it’s too hot


Uno entrada por Aqua Park, por favor

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“Who would have thought Butlins was so magical”


Really hate that Walls has become the predominant supplier of ice cream to shops within London. Used to have a mental list of which corner shops near me stock Maxibons, but they’ve all slowly given in to the dull Walls choices. That red freezer means nothing but disappointment to me now.

Can still get them in multipacks from online supermarkets, but they are noticeable smaller.


What do you think about Lays?


¿Donde esta la discoteca?

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gotta say buying a massive bag of Lays and sitting on a hotel bed and scoffing the lot whilst watching Scooby Doo dubbed in Spanish is always one of the highlights of my hols


I’d like a one day travelcard, please.

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non capisco


Aqua sin gas, por favor

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Hi Ant,

I generally find that I am not entranced by foreign crisp offerings. Feel like many places have not grasped what aspects of flavour lend themselves to a good potato crisp, and tend towards offering the crisps which are the flavour of other foods, rather than original crisp focused flavours.


Aqua mit gas, por favor


Comprehensive, insightful and entertaining in it’s own right. A classic Lastdino post. Thank you very much.


Fanta limon por favor


Dos cervesa por favour
Cuatro mojitos por favour
Donde estas los banos? Gracias!

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donde estas los fiesta?

(i’ve never said this, even in english)