Pack Your Perfect Lunchbox And We'll Reveal Your Emotional Age...

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5 years old
If it were up to you, you’d still be in kindergarten drawing in coloring books, playing dodgeball at recess, and eating PB&J sandwiches with the crust cut off. You’re free-spirited and young at heart, and like Peter Pan, you’re just not ready to grow up.

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I’ve always said that about you tbf.


60 years old


Says I’m an old guy from Friends or something

My answer to the bread question depends on the quality of the bread though


9 years old.

Those 9 year olds with their grilled veg, falafel and hummus on wholemeal with a cold brew coffee.


27!? I picked very sensible and nutritional foods, my 27 year old self would never do that

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George is meant to be 31/2 in Seinfeld. Stupid choice of picture.

Also 9, then I took it again and was 60, then I took 33 years off my age by simply switching from Swiss cheese to pepper jack.

15 and a half?

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  1. I thought a Ciabata with parma and roasted veggies was quite sensible. Side of crisps obviously and some cold pressed juice.

Very nice lunch nothing 9 year old about it!

… oh yeah the gummy bears…

Also 60, I’m fine with it

" 13 years old

Just like any young teenager, most of the time, your world revolves around having a good time, laughing until your stomach hurts, eating too much sugar and processed foods, and loving life. But every once in a while, you sense a taste of adulthood on the horizon. For now, enjoy your lack of responsibility and fill your lunchbox to the brim with comfort foods and salty snacks. You’re only a teenager once."

Seems about right tbf

Well done, I’m

Also what I, a man of 60 years old, does not like about this is it says “choose a filling” and I’m confused as to whether that will be my only filling? Will there be another screen for more fillings, or is this it? So I went for beef or something, but then there is another screen, and then another after that! And sauces! I ended it up with beef and cheese and something else and it was all a mess!

Kind Regards

Scared 60 year old


terrible bread selection


16 apparently. Roast beef sarnie in wholemeal, with pepper jack cheese and honey mustard spread (?), Crisps and chocolate milk. Yum