Packaged Cheddar

Always comes in those long thin pieces. Wouldn’t mind seeing some sold in big cubes.

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could be a girl band tune


Lovely shape

dairylea is shite, but you have to admit they really nailed the form factor

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the summer of balonz

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Who came first, Dairylea or the infinitely superior Laughing Cow?

Get some of these down you;

£52.08 per kg


laughing cow predates it by 30 years apparently


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no fucking way

The really cheap cheddar is more like the shape of a brick

although tbf that’s the laughing cow brand vs actual dairylea triangles becoming available

i can’t find when the laughing cow brand started making spreadable triangles so maybe it’s a lot closer

In my opinion, Laughing Cow cheese triangles are thicker than Dairylea ones.

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in terms of viscosity or physical size

Physical size, Japes. Like I say though, that’s just my opinion on the matter. I wouldn’t consider it any more valuable than anyone else’s.

I would consider your opinion far more valuable than someone who has never had Dairylea and LC and also someone who has one had only had one or the other.

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Unless of course you are one of these people.

Very kind of you to say, thank you x

Laughing Cow freaks me out a bit.

I think it’s because she’s slightly hot? (back me up on this please)

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Yeah, she’s fit mate. We all know this. For me it’s even weirder because she is intrinsically linked to my deceased grandmother in addition.