Packaging annoyances

Has anyone ever been able to peel off the plastic film from a pack of e.g.sausages?

Why do manufacturers make cartons shaped in a way that causes spillage?

Innocent: fuck right off with your stupid fucking twee instructions

FYI everyone, there may be some examples of situations where kitchen scissors are the best thing for a job in this thread

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Someone on here coined the term “wackaging” for the kind of quirky bullshit you get on Innocent and those nice yogurts in the Boots meal deal. Think it was @eltham.

Sometimes a Muller Fruit Corner will fold perfectly allowing for optimum transfer of fruit to yogurt, other times it just kind of bends.


Also shirt packaging is overengineered horseshit. Your average TM Lewin shirt comes with between 15 and 20 mostly redundant bits of plastic stashed in its folds.


Hello I’m Marckee

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Those really hard plastic packaging around things like scissors that need a pair of scissors to cut into


I have a little pair of wire cutters I use for cutting guitar strings, zip ties etc

they came attached to a piece of card with a zip tie. I tore off the cardboard but the zip tie is still attached to the cutters


dear packet manufacturers save yourself a few quid by not sticking a bit of adhesive tape to my coffee/pine nuts/whatever and pretending that it will adequately reseal the packet YSCs


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Tend to be more of a Next man and I have to say that their overpackaging has been much improved in recent years. Two clear plastic strips to keep the collar rigid and 3 or 4 clips.


nice marckeeing my friend…

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Use a pizza cutter

after extensive research I conclude that you did indeed provably coin this term.

nope, I’m marckee


Fuck yes - I forgot about that. Batteries as well. Also, I bought a USB stick a couple of weeks ago and even scissors struggled to make an impression on the plastic. had to employ a Stanley knife

Weird how you never see an empty one of those on the shelves, where the scissors have made a break for it.

I hate the way that they vacuum pack fish. Bloody nightmare to get out, and nigh on impossible to do without getting stinky fish fingers

Read somewhere today that Morrisons are bringing out fish packaging which doesn’t require you to actually handle the produce

I’m Becca mate.

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