Packaging annoyances

Indeed. It’s not like you could even wear it straight out of the packet despite all that crap. A shirt hung on a reusable hanger however - probably could…

Except the packaging has raised edges around the outside





Looks like some sort of dildo rocket taking off


Fucking rice, which now comes with a tab you can use to re-seal it (potentially helpful), but it is physically impossible to actually open the bag in the first place in a way which doesn’t cause a huge tear in the packet, spilling rice all over the place and making the tab redundant. Rice also spills everywhere when you try and pour it due to the huge tear.

Same goes for any packaging which has that kind of join/seal, which you should be able to pull apart without ruining the bag, like crisp packets, but are now being designed to break when they open, which is very annoying for anything you don’t eat all in one go. Bags of sweets are particularly bad for this, I think they have been designed for the packaging to fall apart so that you have to eat them all in one go or throw away the remainder, either way you’re having to buy more sooner than you should have done.


Best thing for a split packet of rice is to put it in a bowl of rice

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My most recent packaging rage was the new Kamasi Washington album which had a hidden third disk concealed in such a way that you had to butcher the sleeve to release it.


This is exactly what happened when opening a bag of orzo last night. The remaining orzo now resides in a zip-lock bag, obviously.

get yourself some nice big kilner jars to store your rice in- game changer

tbf this is less of an issue now I don’t buy CDs anywhere near as often, but the ludicrously sticky strip that you used to get along the top edge of imported CDs that you had to remove to open the case. The “peel here” label was basically taking the piss as they’d only peel off in little 5mm strips, aarrggh!


Fun thread.

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Pretty sure (one of the supermarkets) does this already, from the fish counter. Actually not a terrible idea, they stick some herbs and other stuff in of your choice, seal it in a foil bag and it can get whacked straight in an oven as-is to bake.


probably mentioned already, but ready meal microwave stuff with the cellophane that just tears off the outer perimeter, leaving the stuff covering the food entirely intact, but now impossible to remove without some form of implement. Apparently to stop burns? that’sgreatthanks but burns are less painful


I have recently discovered a packaging irk with Tesco’s fish pate. It comes in a tub with one of those cellophane lids which you peel off, they have a tab but when you pull it it just breaks, leaving the seal in tact and you searching for a sharp knife to cut it open. It never, ever pulls the seal off so I think the tab may be purely decorative.


So much this


I sold school uniforms for the last 2 summers (thank fuck not this year), and actually it was generally one of the best parts of my job… except for putting back FUCKING schoolshirts into the packaging.

i tried so hard to fold them perfectly with all the bullshit bits of plastic and that, but it was just completely impossible if you’re not dextrous.

i think my cunt manager thought that i was deliberately not trying.

fuck off pal.

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