Packets Beyond Understanding

Remember idiots at school who couldn’t open Capri Suns properly? Heh.

had to look up on the internet how to open a thing of shoe polish

simple when you see it done but there’s nothing on the tin to say thats what you’re meant to do. can’t remember how i was trying to do it, probably trying to peel it open like a tin of corned beef maybe

What’s wrong with them? Are you like my boyfriend who just rips packets to shreds with his hands instead of using scissors, then complains when he spills rice everywhere next time?

pull the tab, try not to destroy the box

Not that bad, I’ve learnt over many, many years to perfect opening it down the middle and avoiding any spillage, its just the hole is always at an angle or hard to tape up. Infuriating!

Try opening one now they’ve got paper straws rather than plastic. Nigh on impossible.

Wear it as a hat

You know what are also bad boxes, the subscription boxes of YuMove dog supplements. They’re letterbox size ones but filled up with the tablet packets and as soon as you open the box, they just fall out everywhere. I think ours is especially full cause big dogs, but still…not great design.

I just snip the top of the packet off straight across the top, then fold/roll the end down and use the sticky tab to close it.

Used to go through loads of £5 Asda headphones, they’d break so easily I’d buy a new pair like every 6 weeks, they always had the worst, most wasteful packaging in the world. My fault for buying em though

Also I hate the plastic bags of Napolina pasta because I always end up splitting them, but it seems someone at 'lina HQ has took note because the last box I bought was naked in a cardboard box, terrific work.

got to admit, that’s not how i would have gone about that

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think my favourite was a new pair of scissors, which were packed in so much hard plastic that I had to use another pair of scissors to get them out


that vid has over 200k views so we’re not alone in this! just put some instructions on the tin ffs

never have i ever seen one of those on a tin before



Did nobody clean their own shoes when they were a kid?


Check out clean shoes over here!

Used to deliberately dirty up new shoes for fear of mockery


I understand every packet


want to know more about this dog

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