Paedo Insult


Seems to be much more prevalent on this new spangled forum. Usually meant in a light-hearted way but that’s a bit weird in itself.

Just an observation.


the lad’s got a point, eh


It’s literally just @Antpocalypsenow


What is actually making your meat squeak?


Marckee tried to imply I was a paedo yesterday in a thread that explicitly mentioned my forthcoming child. Lovely stuff!


Nah man, we used to have paedo lines frequently on the old boards.


------------- Paedo line -------------

Peodo’s below


We’ve had reports of a Peter File being attacked since the beginning of the show. But if your surname was File, would you really call your son Peter?


“Yes… my email’s


Mate, I’m not even on Adobe Acrobat!


Aren’t we all paedos?


yeah. but the old boards were kind of embarrassing in hindsight by comparison to now. Maybe we ditch the whole paedo thing eh


Please don’t speak ill of the old boards. Seems like I’m the only one trying to preserve the bond at this stage.

Happy to dial down the paedo stuff personally if folks are unhappy about it.


Alright Rolf Harris.


everyone at some point has been underage :fearful: maek u think


Hi Ant!

Thanks but I’ll continue to put forward my opinions.

Yours sincerely



Can be extremely funny when well placed, but is currently suffering from diminishing returns at an alarming rate.


aye, paedo is fine but re**** ain’t. I don’t get this. either it’s all in, or not. or at least some general rules on etiquette

not suggesting paedo and re**** are the same, btw. before anyone @penoid @DarwinBabe @thatotherone leaps on this


Please don’t tag me ever again.


The difference there is that paedos deserve to be mocked and the other certainly don’t.