Paedophile hunters

There’s loads of these groups who livestream through Facebook. I find the whole thing fascinating but also incredibly depressing. What does everyone think? Modern day superheroes or vigilantes who interfere with the justice system?

Like you I find it fascinating but wonder why they do it. Also they’re the sort of people that think Tommy Robinson should be freed.


to the tune of paperback writer


Horrible idea

It has no benefit, socially. The uncomfortable truth is that people with such sexual preferences exist, this sort of behaviour serves to only push people with these preferences underground. At the moment, with so little preventative care given to paedophiles or hebophiles, offences are sadly a fault of the incredibly persecutory system that exist.

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the real lyrics actually check out:

It’s a dirty story of a dirty man
And his clinging wife doesn’t understand
His son is working for the Daily Mail
It’s a steady job
But he wants to be a paedophile hunter

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Is it ok to not know?

Like this and the topic about ethical tourism I find myself almost equally agreeing with myself on loads of conflicting points.

Find people so partisan these days. Sometimes I just don’t have a fucking clue.


Do we really need a second Elon Musk thread?


I’d imagine a lot of people that are involved in it are involved due to quite horrible back stories regarding being abused themselves or knowing people close to them who have been abused. So…probably not very fair to write them off as fascist ukipers really tbh tbf

A lot are though. And a lot of abusers were abused themselves.

Yeah, I wouldn’t even know where to start unpacking this subject because I have such a strong emotional reaction to this shit.

I started writing a heavy-handed satirical script for a mockumentary about one ages ago but it was reeeeally bleak and I didn’t really want to research it

I tend more towards the facist ukipper argument and I get the impression that many do it for personal recognition rather than any higher moral motive.


This became a big topic in NI quite recently as a few groups became really prevalent. A guy I went to school with was one of the guys they exposed, which was when i first became aware of it as a thing.

However police here have said the ‘evidence’ they submit is almost entirely useless and filming/live streaming it online basically ruins any chances of it leading to any conviction, and strongly discourage it unless you follow a set of guidelines they set out.

There was a case where they surrounded a house belonging to a mother and small children because they got the address wrong, and they have a tendency to call any critics ‘paedophile lovers’. The comments from ordinary people under their posts are terrifying as well, proper baying for blood, wishing to see the accused be beaten or killed. Families of people accused spoke of receiving abuse despite the groups discouraging that.

A BBC journalist tried to interview some about what they were doing and they either hid from him and didn’t speak, or shouted at him. Then a gang of them turned up to surround and harass the journo in Starbucks and surrounded his car shouting abuse at him as he tried to leave (while they filmed it all).

A couple of them later got done for this and banned from paedophile hunting etc (one of them breached bail conditions by using WhatsApp less than 24 hours after release and his solicitor had to describe him as ‘a man of low intelligence’, lol) haven’t heard any more about them in a while. There was talk at one point of some of them having their own past convictions for sexual abuse and violent crimes, and also alleged links to loyalist paramilitaries.

at first i kind of assumed they were sort of presumably well-meaning types resorting to shameful mob justice but as the saga drew on it became more and more apparent that they’re generally thugs preying on people’s base feelings (love of their kids and fear of paedophiles getting to them) for Facebook likes and notoriety, in much the same way that tabloids fuelled the paedo-scare for sales.


that said when it was all kicking off i read some criticism of the groups here by from some guy who does paedophile hunting stuff in England, who criticised their methods - talking about how he works closely with the police, gathers evidence to then pass to them, rather than taking the law into his own hands and trying to expose people online. so there’s maybe a correct way of doing this sort of thing if you closely follow police guidelines instead of trying to be a tough vigilante hero?

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Usually seems to be the sort of people who are just into the idea of lynching in general, and paedophiles are easy targets cause no ones going to go to bat for them, especially if they’ve been caught trying to meet kids.

I know theres some who just hand the info over to the police and let them sort it, but in general I feel like if a lot of these people were born 80 years earlier they’d be doing the same thing but to, y’know, other groups.


They don’t deserve punishment. They deserve… gunishment


Entrapping(?) paedophiles online - a bit dodge
Live streaming confrontations online instead of supplying their information to the police - dangerous, irresponsible, counterproductive and another compelling argument for the human race to be wiped out and start from scratch


Find it all a very weird thing to do.

As has already been said, they’re probably all very weird people and probably spend their Saturdays at EDL marches.


I’ve had dealings with the police before (been assaulted a couple of times, a few other things like break-ins as well, usual kind of thing), and, while I realise they’ve got a difficult job etc, they’ve always ranged from useless to completely inept. Those were relatively straightforward issues as well, and the police are actual trained professional people. Letting vigilantes do this kind of thing seems like it will end up in disaster quite a significant amount of the time - it’s a self-evidently bad idea.

Then you’ve got the issue of people voyeuristically following it online, which feeds loads of bad impulses, and we’re basically piling bad ideas on top of each other.

I’ve said it before on here, there’s a lot of people who believe that how good a person they are is dependant on how much they hate bad people, and it’s a destructive mindset.


Forgot until reading that article again that one guy they confronted committed suicide 2 days later. Horrible stuff.