Paid telly/streaming/video-on-demand/etc

Aside from the big ones (Sky, BT, Virgin, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc) do you pay for anything?

Let’s say in advance that yer ma’s a cunt if you pretend you’ve not got a telly or have only got terrestrial/freeview channels.

I think you’ve covered every possible avenue so shall I close this?



Not really.

I’m interested in if MUBI, Curzon Home Cinema, WWE Network, BoxNation and a few others are worth the bunse.

I had NBA League pass for a year but binned it off in favour of a slightly illegal but paid Dutch streaming service that was superior in every way including cost. When that got shut down, regular free streams had become very good so just do that now.

None of those a real mate. Mostly made up by @ericthefourth and @anon73286315 to make themselves sound like they take TV as seriously as the rest of us :wink:

Mubi sometimes and cinema paradiso bluray rental thing

The service focuses on international arthouse cinema.

been thinking of mubi. was moderately tempted by shudder at one point (which is horror films exclusively), but when I looked through the catalogue a pretty huge portion of it was stuff I’d already seen or absolutely would never watch

curzon home cinema seems like a total rip off. £10 to stream a single film? get outta here man

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30 films a month for a fiver m9


Wwe network

:wave:t3: I subscribe to Shudder and I’d say it’s worth the £5ish a month. I figure if we watch one film a month then I’m pretty much getting my money’s worth…it’s also really good for shorts, and you can use VPN to access their (arguably more extensive) USA collection…

I only watch game of thrones and the odd drama series here and there and about 3 football matches a year so hereby pretend it’s not worth owning a TV

Not always that though. Paper Moon and Zombieland are up now

The network is, its got so much stuff on there