Pains Of Being Pure At Heart have split up

Used to f’in love them. Had ‘Belong’ on while a mate was ron.

Two great albums, two pretty good ones. Maybe they’ll get another song of theirs played at the end of the sequel to To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Absolutely loved the first album and got on ok with the second. Couldn’t stand anything after that. Also it looks like it’s just been yer man Kip soldiering on with it ever since with a revolving door of band members.

I’d say one great album and two great EPs but they had some good stuff outside of that.

I was amazed they were still going tbh. Decent career (10 years) off a solid but not spectacular indie pop debut.

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Absolutely adored that first album. Played it all summer, it’s such a good sunny indie pop record. Saw them at Chorlton Irish Club on their first (?) UK tour, they were fantastic, felt like they were going to take over the world. Also the hottest gig i’ve ever been to, so sweaty.

Then that second album came out and I listened to it about twice and then never ever listened to them ever again.


Exactly the same for me. Loved their first album. Their subsequent albums were average.

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Was that the tour with Manhattan Love Suicides?

Going to dig out their debut tonight and give it a few spins.

Might give the Depreciation Guild album a listen too. I loved that one.

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Only liked their debut, which I liked an awful lot, and saw them a bunch of times around that time. Picked up a signed copy at one of the gigs, although I recently discovered, much to my chagrin, that the CD has gone walkabouts.

Good band, this


Didnt realise they hadn’t already tbh

That debut is absolutely bolted on to my being 17 and the feeling of finishing sixth form and the brief feeling of the world’s infinite possibilities (that and Boy w the Arab Strap)

Never heard of em.

Had ‘Belong’ on while a mate was ron.

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Like that they seem to have gonebout on a lacklustre Tom Petty covers album.

Guess I’m in the minority in thinking that Belong was their best album. Good band but I’d pretty much forgotten about them before that pointless Tom Petty album.

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I agree with this


Saw them once at The Luminaire (the best venue in London, sadly closed.)

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Went to see them at Cargo on their first album tour on a blind date for some reason. Gig was good. Date not so good. June 2009 Setlist informs me…

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Was taking off on a flight to our friends’ wedding in spain the day their last album came out and that gnome wanted to listen to what i was playing, which was Anymore, off that album and it got a bit awkward as we both gripped each others’ hands nervously during takeoff, to the line, “Anymore, I couldn’t take anymore, I wanted to die with you”

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Had your date heard of the band before?