i’m going on saturday for the first time since i was 15

anyone here do it regularly?

anyone have any funny anecdotes? all i can think about is the bit in peep show…

the session we’re doing is 4 hours so i anticipate my horrific lack of fitness to result in me getting shot repeatedly… hopefully nowhere too painful

think i’m gonna have to buy some sturdy boots this week, as currently i only have flimsy shoes and i’m likely to break an ankle if i’m running through the woods in them




A real sport for real men


No hard feelings, hey?


been once, it was fine, would go again if I was invited but wouldn’t chose to do it myself.



I watched the paint-balling episode of Peep Show again the other night.


Always put off by the byker grove storyline


do i wanna know what this was?


Quite fun for the odd day out, but can only assume that ever single person who’s properly into it is a solid gold twat.

My fondest paintball memory is a friend going a bit Rambo and sprinting towards some cover, leaping over the entrance to land on his arse… and forgetting he had a paint grenade in his back pocket, which he landed on, set off, and eliminated himself with.


Ant or Dec got blinded paint balling



Spaced and Byker Grove covered within first five posts leaves thread


Never done it


Great laugh.


Done it once, it was ok.





We’ve all been there, eh lads/lasses? Eh? Eh?


I can confirm that those who are PROPERLY in it are indeed the worst.

The one time I went they were there with their codenames and their walkie-talkies and their pre-match huddles to discuss strategy.

They won, of course. But where’s the love? Didn’t see a single one of them smile all day.


they bring their own guns!


tape a paintbrush to the front and use it as a bayonet