Pan chat

in your IMHO what are the essential pans ?

any pans you would recommend ?


I would have to say frying pan.


  1. medium non-stick
  2. medium cast iron
  3. wok
  4. big fuck off saucepan

that’s it


I always have trouble deciding, whenever I get to the shops and try to find one I want it’s like a labyrinth.

@Lo-Pan to thread!


non-stick / cast iron / stainless??

thinking about getting into the stainless game. someone said they’re good for fish.

I wouldn’t know about fish, m9.

how many pans do you have ma0sm

Last count I got to about 15 then my enthusiasm started to peter out

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saucepan x 3
soup pot x 1
wok x 1
teflon non-stick x 1
ceramic non-stick x1 (the absolute business)
griddle x 1

All non stick but with a Get out for a monster Le Creuset casserole dish.

Small frying pan and big frying pan.

Three pan set, small to large.

Big Le Creuset casserole as mentioned

i was drawing the line at casseroles. IMO a pan needs a handle.

otherwise i’ve got a lasagne dish and a tagine and fuck knows what else that are all pseudo-pans

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Sorry @Elaina_Casoolare


can i have some more info on the frying pan please and thank you


small saucepan
medium saucepan
large stockpot
medium frying pan
medium skillet
very small frying pan (novelty the tv insisted we buy)
medium casserole dish
larger shallower casserole dish
large saute pan (doubles as a wok)

Moving house soon and will be with no more housemates who don’t take care of things. So I get to restock my shelves. My plan:

  • Cast iron/oven safe frying pan (meat & etc)
  • Generic cheapish tefal non-stick x2 (veggies, eggs)
  • 2 x saucepan (thick heavy bottom, one big one small)
  • shallow casserole dish
  • deep casserole dish
  • wok

Reckon that’s my lot

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thank you.

i always stayed away from tefal stuff because [SOMEONE] would use a metal fork on it and scratch all the non-stick stuff and it would be a disaster. live on my own now so am able to look after my pans. maybe i need tefal back in my life?

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so a saute pan is like a shallow saucepan with curvy sides?

see I have a saute pan and don’t really like it; would always use a casserole dish over one for sauces etc.

wok with a handle is how I would describe mine

frying mushrooms with garlic and cream
saute potatoes with lots of butter

keep the ingredients moving

Ikea do a whole range and most of them look to be shallow. Don’t know what the difference is between those and a frying pan. Mine is this one:änka-wok-with-lid-grey-art-60129463/