Pancake evening thread

doing some kinda cheese and mushroom crepes for tea tonight :smiley:

what yous up to? pancakes, etc?

Alright ezzer, Having a rosti topped chicken and chorizo business with some cavolo nero and cheddar croquettes tonight.

They were handing out free tubs of magnum ice cream at Angel tube so be rude not to bosh a bit of that in some :pancakes: later innit.

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Just did a run. Gonna eat tea. No pancakes for me. Not gonna buy stuff in just to make them.
No plans really, chill with the TV. :+1:


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I’m still at work so would need to buy milk on my way home, can I be bothered? I’m not sure. If i did make them I’d put salted caramel, vanilla ice cream and bananas in them.

I’m waiting for a guy to come and view my car. He said he’d be here at half 5.

I’m going out at 7.

Jesus, this is how you do pancakes.


No pancakes. Having burger and beer with assorted DiSers

Currently stuffing these crisps in my face

Filling: Nuttella + Banana


No pancakes here. Am cooking soup, and I’m adding some Jerusalem artichoke for the first time ever, having never knowingly tried it before in my life. Pretty exciting!

Eating some leftover curry I made at the weekend, it’s fucking incredible if I may say so.

Pancakes after :ok_hand:


Repeating what I said in the Tuesday day thread. It’s not pancake day, it’s Rusev Day and Jen Cloher Day.

Happy Pancake Day for those celebrating.

Not pancakes though, is it?

Question: would you eat dominos pizza that’s been in the fridge since Sunday night?

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I believe I addressed that in the latter part of my full post. Please don’t misquote me.


Sorry, I didn’t register the emoji pancake!

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